Recipe for the Perfect Day – River Islands Style

Recipe for the Perfect Day – River Islands Style

At River Islands, we’re more than just experts on beautiful new homes! We consider ourselves connoisseurs of the 7-Day Weekend, no matter the season. Here’s our favorite recipe for the perfect day, the River Islands way!

What You’ll Need:

  • Your favorite people
  • Comfy shoes and/or bike/roller skates/scooter/kayak/paddle board
  • Sunscreen
  • Bathing suit

Part One: Fresh Air in the Early Morning

Start your day right with a breath of fresh air and the first sun rays of the day. Pour your coffee into a to-go cup and take a walk on one of our community’s gorgeous trails along the shores of the San Joaquin River. Be sure to take your pupper with you to burn off some of that morning energy before the kids wake up! One of our favorite trails in the community is the Bennie and Joyce Gatto Historic Trail. Learn why our trail was named after this remarkable couple in this blog post!

Part Two: Daytime at the Park

Once Fido’s had his fun, get the kids ready for a day of outdoor excitement! Grab their bikes, roller blades, and soccer balls and hit one of River Islands’ parks. Our community has acres of open green space for residents to enjoy the fresh air. To add even MORE fun, you can pack a picnic of everyone’s favorite treats!

Part Three: Afternoon on the Water

Once you’ve worked up a sweat at the park, cool off with a trip to the water! River Islands is built around 11 lakes (with 2 more coming in 2021!), which means you have many aquatic spots to explore. Grab your kayak or paddle board and let your stress float away. River Islands residents can also enjoy a day of fishing with our newly implemented ‘catch and release’ fishing program that allows fishing at most of the lakes within the community. Permits from River Islands and Lathrop are required to be able to fish.

Part Four: Dinner at The Boathouse

End your day strong with colorful sunsets and delicious food at The Boathouse Restaurant and Pub – River Islands’ very own waterside restaurant. Relax on the deck with dinner and your favorite cocktail, and count the stars as they come out!

When the day is done, head back to your beautiful new home and start planning your next adventure! If you want to take a day trip from River Islands, check out some of our favorite local spots in this blog post!

If you want this to be your agenda every week, use our Homefinder tool to find your dream home in our active community and explore our website to learn more about the River Islands lifestyle. We currently have over 30 floorplans selling, so whether you are getting started or downsizing, we have something that fits everyone’s needs.

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