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“River Islands Academies” is a new charter organization under the Banta Unified School District whose aim is to educate all students through a high-performing academic program. It will provide a unified approach for students to receive a quality education with plentiful opportunities to experience and explore numerous career pathways in technology.

Under this organization, there are currently two K – 8th grade campuses: River Islands Technology Academy and STEAM Academy. A third K – 8th campus is presently underway with a projected opening for the 2022-2023 school year. High school students attend classes within the Tracy Unified School District while our own high school is being planned. Once opened, it will operate as part of the River Islands Academies.

River Islands plans to build seven schools within the community, a decision that will greatly accommodate families by providing a seamless, quality academic experience from kindergarten through high school.

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Delta College

Delta College is the area’s community college, offering classes on site and online.


University of California, Merced

The University of California Merced, the newest campus in the UC system, has both undergraduate and graduate programs available.


California State University, Stanislaus

California State University Stanislaus hosts evening classes for college credits or personal enrichment.


University of the Pacific

The prestigious University of the Pacific, a four year private college, also offers specialized graduate programs in law, dentistry, health sciences, engineering, business administration, music, biological science and communication, to name a few.



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