A Unique Charter School System within Our Master-Planned Community

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River Islands is consistently named among the most successful master planned communities in California. One of the keys to its success is its charter school system, set up to provide the highest levels of academic instruction and social interaction in a supportive environment.

As of August, 2022, three campuses have been built by River Islands Development. All are operated by the River Islands Academies, with the authorization of Banta Unified School District, one of the oldest districts in California.

  • River Islands Technology Academy (K-8)
  • Next Generation STEAM Academy (K-8)
  • EPIC Academy (TK-8)

In addition, River Islands High School is now under construction for a planned partial opening for the 2024-2025 school year. Freshman and Sophomore students are currently attending The Ninth Grade & Tenth Grade Academies, located on the site of EPIC Academy while massive construction is ongoing at the high school site.

An innovative technology program of 1:1 devices is the cornerstone of instruction

All of our students use electronic devices to access digital content from a wide range of sources and just-released digital textbooks. This technology program of 1:1 devices means that every student has their own mobile device to enhance the classroom learning experience. It also allows students to bring the same quality of experience home. The River Islands Academies is proud to state that their students enjoy 100% internet connectivity—which is only a dream for many schools in the state.

A balanced approach to education

The schools provide a strong focus on technology while also offering programs in the arts, including music and the performing arts as well as a robust sports program. Parents and extended family members are strong supporters of our schools and their many events, such as concerts, book fairs, science and technology nights. In fact, our gyms are oversized to accommodate the sheer numbers of family members who attend our events.

How charter schools work

Charter schools are public schools, and as such, are available at no charge to its families. As public schools, they comply with state laws and regulations, yet as charters, the schools are subject to far fewer rules and regulations than traditional public schools. Charter students take the same state-required, standardized tests as public school students. There is a governing board for the Academies made up of elected and appointed board members. The agendas of those meetings are available on the River Islands Academies website, riacademies.net.

Who can attend the River Islands Academies?

Residents of River Islands and the Banta District as a whole have first priority to attend any of the River Islands Academies. Families who are new to the River Islands Academies must show proof of residency. If their homes are not complete at the time that a school year begins, the students may be admitted on a conditional basis, contingent upon their families completing their closing documents and moving into River Islands. Although parents may request a certain campus for their students, these assignments are made only by the River Islands Academies.

The key phrase that unites all of the schools is: We are stronger together.

For more information or to book a tour of any of the schools, go to:

Delta College

Delta College is the area’s community college, offering classes on site and online.


University of California, Merced

The University of California Merced, the newest campus in the UC system, has both undergraduate and graduate programs available.


California State University, Stanislaus

California State University Stanislaus hosts evening classes for college credits or personal enrichment.


University of the Pacific

The prestigious University of the Pacific, a four year private college, also offers specialized graduate programs in law, dentistry, health sciences, engineering, business administration, music, biological science and communication, to name a few.



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