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Have a question about our amazing community? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Below you will find the answers to our most commonly asked questions about River Islands. If you don’t see the answer you’ve been looking for, please contact our Welcome Center team by sending an email to welcomecenter@riverislands.com. If you want more in-depth information about one of our neighborhoods, use our Homefinder tool on our website! To stay connected to our community, download the River Islands mobile app for your Apple or Android device today or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
1. How many homes will there be in River Islands?
We are currently approved for the construction of 15,000 homes.
2. What can you do on the lakes?
Our lakes are created for recreation with non-motorized boats. They are perfect for craft as kayaks, canoes, row boats, paddle boats or paddle boarding. Swimming is not allowed.
3. Do you need flood protection insurance?
No. River Islands has constructed 300-foot wide “super levees” to create a high ground perimeter around the river’s edge. These levees are planned to provide protection for a 200 year flood, which statistically, has a .5% chance of occurring in a given year.
4. Are there homes on the San Joaquin River?
None of our neighborhoods being offered today are being built along the San Joaquin River. In the future, custom or semi-custom homes are planned to be offered on lots close to the San Joaquin River, but none will have direct riverfront access.
5. What are CC&Rs and how are they different from HOA dues?
CC&Rs are the conditions and restrictions set out for the community. They describe the requirements and limitations of what you can and cannot do with your property. Our CC&Rs department can answer specific questions regarding restrictions and required approvals. The goal of the CC&Rs is to protect, preserve, and enhance property values in the community. CC&Rs run with the land and cover the entire River Islands area regardless of whether an HOA is applicable. There are no dues associated with CC&Rs.

Generally, the neighborhoods within River Islands are built without an HOA. However, we do have some single-family attached neighborhoods within River islands that will have common areas and will be charged HOA dues plus property tax.
6. Will River Islands ever be its own city?
No. River Islands is proud to be a part of the City of Lathrop.
7. Are there guaranteed amenities?
Among the amenities of which we are the most proud are our River Islands Academies, a collection of charter schools which will provide education for students from kindergarten through high school. Two K-8 schools are already open. A third K-8 campus is under construction for a Fall 2022 opening, and the first phase of River Islands High School has just broken ground.

At this time, we have thirteen lakes, acres of parks and open space, a trail along the San Joaquin River, a lakeside restaurant, bocce courts and more. As River Islands continues in its development, a Town Center retail area with shops and dining, and a Business Park will be developed. All of these amenities are filed with the City of Lathrop as part of our master planning document.
8. How long until the project is finished?
River Islands has approximately 20+ years until its buildout.
9. Will there be more entrances into River Islands?
There are three entrances into the community; no more are planned.
10. Will River Islands ever be gated?
No, River Islands has not been envisioned as a gated community.
12. Is there going to be a train station within River Islands?
A proposed rail project through Assembly Bill 758 is a new 42-mile, 7-station passenger rail project that will connect the existing Dublin/Pleasanton Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Station in Alameda County to the approved Altamont Corridor Express (ACE) North Lathrop Station in San Joaquin County utilizing existing transportation rights-of-ways. Included in Valley Link’s plans is a train station within the River Islands business park. More information can be found at ValleyLinkRail.com/valleylink-project.
13. How do I stay up to date with River Islands?
There are so many great ways to keep in touch with us! Currently, you can sign up for our monthly newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and/or text RINews to 30120 to receive text message updates (MSG&Data rates may apply). You can also visit our Welcome Center daily from 12 PM to 5 PM.

This Q&A document is provided as general information only. Timing of construction and completion, plans, specifications, amenities and features are subject to change and modification.


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