River Islands Academies Hiring Teachers, Support Staff for Two New Schools Opening this August

River Islands Academies Hiring Teachers, Support Staff for Two New Schools Opening this August

The growth of River Islands and the number of households with students has accelerated the design and construction of two new schools within the master planned community: the K-8 EPIC Academy and the first phase of River Islands High School.

Both schools are being built by River Islands Development and operated by the River Islands Academies, a charter organization authorized by Banta Unified School District. Enrollment preferences offer placements for students who reside in the District Boundaries.

A Job Fair will be held on April 20 at the River Islands Technology Academy, 1175 Marina Drive, from 4 pm to 7 pm. River Islands Academies is looking for qualified teachers for all grade levels, K-9th grade, as well as administrators, substitute teachers, office staff, special education and support staff. An informational flyer with more details is posted online at www.riacademies.net.

EPIC Academy will be the third elementary school campus in the River Islands Academies, offering classrooms for students in Transitional Kindergarten through 8th grade. Brenda Scholl, Executive Director of the River Islands Academies, will also serve as the EPIC Academy Site Principal to create continuity in both programs and culture as already established at River Islands Technology Academy and STEAM Academy.

Ms. Scholl operates the schools in the fundamental belief that individuals learn best in an environment nurturing creativity. All of the schools in the River Islands Academies and will address the academic, social and emotional needs of the diverse population of students in each of its unique settings.
River Islands High School will open the 9th Grade Academy in August of 2022 on a portion of the EPIC school site while the permanent high school facility is under construction. This will allow students graduating from the River Islands Technology Academy and Steam Academy an uninterrupted academic and social experience while the high school is built.

The RIHS 9th Grade Academy will be a small learning community that aims to create a highly personalized environment that prepares students to be college- and career-ready. Mrs. Carey Simoni will serve as the Principal of RIHS. She has spent the last year developing educational and extra-curricular programs for the upcoming school year. Students will have the opportunity to explore their interests while receiving rigorous and relevant instruction along with creating the culture and traditions for River Islands High School.

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