Measure V Passes!

Measure V Passes!

We have some great news for our current and future River Islands Scholars! Measure V was passed, which means that after many years as an elementary school district, Banta Elementary School District can now become Banta Unified School District. In the past, students had to attend high school outside of River Islands, but thanks to Measure V, Banta will now grow into one K-12 school district that will be run by our very own River Island Academies and a high school will be built and operated within River Islands. Susan Dell’Osso, president of River Islands, had a special message about this important update to our community:

The technology and arts enriched approach of River Islands Academies is one that has already shaped the education of our youngest residents. And as our children progress in their academic career, they will be able to obtain a stellar education under one curriculum that will help prepare them for college and beyond!

We’re so excited to see where this next chapter of the River Islands Academies will take us. Plans for the brand-new high school are currently underway, so stay tuned for more information by following us on Facebook and Instagram and signing up for newsletter updates.

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