Make Your School Mornings Easier With These Routines

August 23, 2022

Make Your School Mornings Easier With These Routines

We’re headed back to school, and that means it’s time to nail your morning routine of getting everyone ready for the day! We’ve compiled a list of tips to give you some extra time in the morning. Add these helpful insights to your morning rush to avoid missing another breakfast and prevent yourself from forgetting lunches, school projects, and travel mugs of coffee on your kitchen counter.

Prep the Night Before!

girl picks out clothes

A great way to eliminate morning stress is to prepare as much as possible the night before. For example, have the kids pick out their clothes for school and organize all items they need to bring with them, including projects, homework, and permission slips. Make lunches beforehand and place them in grab-and-go containers, and prep your coffee pot or Keurig before bed so that you only need to press a button in the morning. Using an hour before bed to prepare for tomorrow can provide you and your family with precious time in the morning!

Plan a Step-By-Step Routine!

girl and father brush teeth

Create a checklist of everything your kiddos need to do each morning, and consider making a small chart for the younger ones. Be sure to spell out what you expect them to accomplish, from making the bed and getting dressed to brushing teeth, feeding pets, etc. This makes it easier for both you and them to know exactly how much time is needed for a productive and smooth morning routine—without having to wake up a moment sooner!

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal

family eating breakfast together

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and it can often be skipped when time is running out. There are plenty of healthy quick options, from frozen waffles with tons of protein to cereals and more. If you need an on-the-go healthy breakfast, frozen fruits and veggies can be pre-portioned and stored in your freezer for quick smoothies.

Easy Commute to School

rendering of the new EPIC Academy at River Islands

One of the benefits of living in River Islands is the proximity to fantastic schools within the community, including three K-8 schools and a high school-in-the-making. River Islands Academies’ students can easily walk, bike, or scooter to school–making drop-off an easy task in the morning! Our newest K-8 school, EPIC Academy, just opened its doors at the start of the 2022-2023 school year. The EPIC Academy campus is also the home of our newly formed 9th Grade Academy, which is the first phase of River Islands High School. Following this school year, grades 9 and 10 will move over to the new high school campus in 2023, where the 11th grade will open in 2024. The entire high school will be open in 2025.

We hope the tips above make your mornings much smoother! You may even have a few extra minutes for some well-deserved “you time” or for a visit to the new Islanders Coffee Cafe outside the Welcome Center!

Explore our website to learn more about our River Islands Academies and other community information.

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