Spend an Afternoon at Tidewater Park

Spend an Afternoon at Tidewater Park

Welcome back to the fourth installment of our park series where we’re highlighting the various community parks throughout River Islands! In today’s blog, we’re spotlighting the beautiful lakefront Tidewater Park.

It’s no secret that outdoor living is part of everyday life here at River Islands. Our community is designed to encourage walking and physical activity with extensive parks, trails, and neighborhood recreational amenities. In fact, a large part of the community has been set aside for active and passive play areas, waterways, lakes, and open space. With over 5,000 acres to explore, River Islands brings together the best elements of the relaxed delta lifestyle with our vision that is decidedly green, healthy, and in harmony with nature all around us. Believe us when we say that adventure comes to you here at the Islands.

We like to encourage all of our River Islands residents to get outside to explore our community and parks in the area. There’s plenty to see and do here, and our parks are just a few of our favorite amenities in this ever-changing and always-growing place we all call home.

Tidewater Park is located on Lake Somerston in Lathrop. It features a wide variety of athletic amenities and open space for our active residents! Meet up with your neighbors for a friendly game of basketball on the full-sized courts or climb around with the kiddos on the playground jungle gyms. Need some fresh air? Pack a lunch and head over to the picnic tables or sprawl out with a good book for the afternoon on the spacious grass area. With plenty of open space and fun activities at your fingertips, there really is a spot for everyone to enjoy when you visit Tidewater Park!

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