River Islands Technology Academy Students are College Bound!

River Islands Technology Academy Students are College Bound!

What makes our community different from the rest? One thing is for certain: we pride ourselves on helping residents live a unique, tight-knit, active lifestyle. From picture-perfect sunsets along the San Joaquin River and spending long afternoons at the park, to having access to our very own restaurant – there’s no place like home at River Islands.

In addition to parks, trails, a restaurant, a fire station, and a state-of-the-art Islander’s baseball field, we also provide onsite education so that our youngest residents can commute and study close to home! If schools are a big priority for your “new home” search, the River Islands Technology Academy is a fantastic facility to enroll your budding scholars.

The River Islands Technology Academy is a tuition-free independent charter school established in 2013 to provide K-8 students with a specialized, technology-based curriculum and hands-on learning opportunities.

Students in ALL grade levels receive an iPad, Chromebook, or similar device for their in-class instruction and at-home studies to encourage a technology-enriched approach to learning – one of the many qualities that makes our school so unique!

At RiTechA, learning outside of the classroom is just as critically important as an in-classroom experience. Here, students have the ability to gain social skills and problem solving skills in a large variety of curriculars and clubs, such as: spelling bee, chess, volleyball, soccer, basketball, sailing, leadership, DARE, after-school tutoring, Camp Arroyo and Camp Sea Lab (5th and 6th grade), and so much more.

The administrators, teaching staff, parent volunteers, and board of trustees are dedicated to the mission of providing every student with a safe and supportive environment that promotes character building and academic achievement. This is the place where your kiddos can be college bound!

Learn more about River Islands Technology Academy and all of the schools that serve River Islands residents HERE.

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