Day Trips from River Islands

One of the great things about our community is the multitude of activities available to our residents, but sometimes a little day trip is in order. Luckily for you, River Islands is centrally located to some of the most popular destinations in Northern California, so if you need a little day trip from your daily routine at River Islands, here are our top spots to visit!

Yosemite National Park

One of the oldest and largest national parks, Yosemite is home to breathtaking, ancient sequoia trees, mountains, waterfalls, and so much more! Take a hike through the forest and experience the iconic natural beauty of Northern California. Visits are limited by day, so be sure to reserve your spot in advance by checking out the National Parks Service website.

San Francisco

Vibrant and colorful, San Francisco is a city like no other! Alcatraz just re-opened, you can wander for miles within Golden Gate Park, and outdoor seating for restaurants abounds! During this time of social distancing, there are less tourists from abroad, giving we “locals” a whole different perspective on this amazing City. Check out this website for trip ideas and itineraries!


Known primarily as the home of UC Berkeley, the centerpiece of the university system, this city is a great place to walk and wander. Explore the extensive (and beautifully landscaped) grounds of the venerable college, try outdoor dining at one of the area’s foodie havens, or just enjoy the day at Tilden Park – a 2,079-acre playground of trails and vistas!


Wine lovers rejoice! Located just 30 minutes from River Islands is Lodi, a quaint town that is home to some of Northern California’s most iconic small wineries. Spend the day enjoying the beautiful weather while introducing your palette to a variety of spirits, and make sure to bring back a couple of bottles to sip at home while watching the sunset at River Islands.

Whether you choose to stay close to home and explore our parks and trails or go on a day trip, your days will never be dull. Learn more about life, River Islands style, here!

These days, having a suitable place to work from home is a must for most individuals. But what makes a work space ideal? We know that the answer differs for everyone, but that’s also one of the many benefits of choosing a home at River Islands! With seven neighborhoods and a multitude of floorplans to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect work space to meet your style, interests, and workflow!

For the Sunshine Lover

Do you feel most productive when your work space is flooded with natural light? The home offices at Breakwater by TRI Pointe Homes have impressive windows to fill your days with warmth and the sights and sounds of the community.

Breakwater Plan 1C by TRI Pointe Homes
Breakwater Plan 4C by TRI Pointe Homes

For the Multi-Tasker

What if we said that you could accomplish your work AND help the kids with their homework at the same time? Haven and Reflections by Anthem United Homes feature flexible spaces to give you the freedom to multi-task, check off everything on your to-do list, and keep an eye on the little ones.

Reflections Residence 2 by Anthem United Homes
Haven Residence 2 by Anthem United Homes

For the Organization Pro

Need more room and storage to keep your desk clear and the productivity flowing? Bridgeport by Van Daele Homes is for you! These generous home offices are perfect for crafting the filing system you’ve always wanted, storing everything out of sight, and keeping your space clutter free.

Bridgeport Plan 3 by Van Daele Homes
Bridgeport Plan 4 by Van Daele Homes

For the Ones who Love Working Outside

Do you prefer to work from an office or outside? At Newport by Kiper Homes you can have both! These homes feature home offices AND private decks overlooking the water. Catch some rays while answering emails. When you’re done, celebrate with a sunset happy hour!

Newport Plan 4 by Kiper Homes
Newport Plan 4 by Kiper Homes

You deserve a place to spark your creativity and accomplish your work with ease and comfort! These are just a few of the working from home spaces offered in the homes at River Islands, use our Homefinder tool to find the best floorplan for your family!