Lathrop Police Services, a division of San Joaquin County’s Sherriff’s Office, has announced the beginning of the construction of its state-of-the-art Administrative Office. Located west of Bradshaw’s Crossing Bridge, the building will be one of the first things newcomers to River Islands will see upon entering the community. Since the police staff will use this facility to pick up and drop off cars at the beginning of each shift, there will be an active and visual presence of uniformed police officers at the site every day.

The 13,889 square foot building is a contemporary design by architects LDA Partners. In the local area, the firm also designed the Lathrop Generations Center, the AG Spanos Building, and the Wine and Roses Visitor Center and Spa.

Construction is expected to be ongoing throughout 2020, with a public opening early in 2021.

This annual Holiday Lights Contest is back this year – and every neighborhood, including neighborhoods that are just starting to move new residents into River Islands – are invited to participate.

With so many households participating, all River Islands residents get to enjoy a wonderful display of lights and decorations throughout the community.

Residents can vote for their favorite home online, on Every household is restricted to one vote, on the honor system. This year, there will be a single award: a $250 gift card to Home Depot.

Roving photographers will be out in the evenings, taking photos of the many homes and posting them on the River Islands Facebook page and Instagram.

If you are thinking about making the move to River Islands, stop by during December to see how we celebrate community!